<aside> 🎉 Diets & Deities will be released 20 Feb 2024. We have previously participated in Steam Next Fest Feb 2024. You can view our Steam Page here.


Fact Sheet

Release Date: 20 Feb 2024

Current Development: Complete

Platforms: PC

Console: N/A

Developer: Larrikin Interactive Location: Darwin, NT, Australia Publisher: Larrikin Interactive

Links: Steam Website Discord Itch.io** **Twitter TikTok Youtube

Contacts: General/Business: [email protected]

Community Manager: [email protected]

Streamers & Content Creators: Please contact us at c[email protected]

About Diets & Deities

The rhythm game you can taste!

Diets & Deities is a rhythm cooking game developed by Larrikin Interactive, an indie studio based in Northern Territory, Australia. Discover the music and recipes from diverse cultures as you dodge to the beat and uncover the flavours of the universe.

You play as Nephele, the first (and potentially last) deity created in a millennia and it's up to you to dance and dodge your way through forgotten cultures, move to the beat, and eat your weight in long-lost dishes.

Each area, including its music and deity, is directly inspired by our team's backgrounds: Australian (with First Nations creatives), Balinese, Brazillian, and Chinese. Nephele unlocks real recipes the players can cook at home, all curated by the team from our local markets to childhood favourites.

Set at the epicentre of a multicultural universe - food and music are the essences of life...at least that's how things used to be. You fight against the Colonel, KFZ, whose amalgamation of cheesy and greasy fast food has taken over the universe. Nephele must reawaken each corrupted Deity using music and cooking to give life back into the land and discover their dishes along the way.

The world of Diets & Deities is filled with a diverse range of characters from different ethnicities and mythologies, representing cultures not commonly featured in video games.

Diets & Deities is proudly funded by the Screen Australia Games Fund and **Screen Territory** Game Development Grant in 2023.

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Table of Contents

About the Studio: Larrikin Interactive

Diets & Deities is developed on Larrakia Country by Northern Territory-based studio Larrikin Interactive, a diverse team connected by their love of games and larrikin-isms. We are a proud team of creatives from different backgrounds and experiences, working towards the development of our collectively first published game, Diets & Deities.




As echoes (collectible notes) descend on the beat players must move to avoid the corruption spikes (avoidable notes). The player’s input is not restricted but is encouraged to move in time with the beat to absorb echoes without getting hit.

Diets & Deities - Gameplay Showcase.mp4



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